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Monolingual messages playing to the bilingual gallery - The Trump 2020 case

President Trump is catching on to his Democratic contenders and has also launched a Spanish version of his 2020 campaign website. Upon a linguistic analysis, and in addition to offering the same old direct translations from English to Spanish as most Democrats -with the same strategic detriment to a meaningful connection with the Spanish-speaking electorate- , there has been a strong censorship of content and language in the site that tackles the campaign’s political agenda. Whereas the English version talks of “promises kept”, the Spanish counterpart merely lists “áreas de interés”. Read on for an analysis of the meaning behind this language change.

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El español de los Estados Unidos - does it really matter?

The New York times has just published an article entitled Do Latino Voters Really Care if the 2020 Candidates Speak Spanish? I contend that the question is not whether they really care or not, but whether Spanish can be a vehicle for the normalization of the Latinx/Hispanx communities across the United States. Words matter, and the language we speak them in does, too. Can Democratic candidates bring Spanish to the political forefront and positively shape the narrative of heritage, identity or language use in our multilingual, multicultural society?

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