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El español de los Estados Unidos - does it really matter?

The New York times has just published an article entitled Do Latino Voters Really Care if the 2020 Candidates Speak Spanish? I contend that the question is not whether they really care or not, but whether Spanish can be a vehicle for the normalization of the Latinx/Hispanx communities across the United States. Words matter, and the language we speak them in does, too. Can Democratic candidates bring Spanish to the political forefront and positively shape the narrative of heritage, identity or language use in our multilingual, multicultural society?

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2020 Democrat campaigns and their "bilingual" sites

There is true power in speaking another’s language, and in connecting with them through the words of the language they identify with and speak with their families and loved ones at home.

2020 Democratic candidates (for the most part) have included their political message in Spanish on their campaign sites, but the language they have chosen to broadcast speaks of direct translations from English, grammatical and spelling errors, and a true lack of authenticity that fails to connect with the target Latinx voters at a fundamental level.

The time to bond with the Latinx electorate is NOW, the language is ESPAÑOL DE ESTADOS UNIDOS.

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GOOGLE TRANSLATE + The 2020 Democrats' bilingual campaigns

The main point of the previous post, Narrativas bilingües en las campañas demócratas, was to advocate for a true political discourse in English and Spanish that differentiates both languages but unites the electorate with the same message. Our intent here is to show that bilingual narratives MUST BE truly bilingual, on point with the message in both languages, and never direct translations from English. Please read on for a sample of HOW IT IS NOT DONE.

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Narrativas bilingües en las campañas demócratas

Las elecciones a la presidencia de Estados Unidos son el año que viene y el panorama demócrata se encuentra poblado de candidatxs que buscan la nominación del partido. Todos (o casi todos) cortejan al electorado hispano e hispanohablante, pero sus webs no reflejan un verdadero acercamiento a la lengua real más allá de Google Translate y un corrector del staff de campaña. ¿Cómo podrán estxs candidatxs realmente conectar con lxs hispanounidenses?

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