REYES LLOPIS-GARCÍA Cognitive Linguist, Ph.D.

You shape narratives.
I craft them with a fine-tooth comb.

The choice of one word can completely shift the meaning of a message. In so many contexts, it’s crucial to craft language down to the letter. (Cognitive) Linguistics can be used to shape narratives and create a desired sensory response.


Narratives can do anything.


Consulting for Institutions + Public Sector

Consulting: Narrative Craft

Words inspire and empower humans. Metaphors move perspectives and alter mind-sets. A single preposition in English can shift an entire disposition and the placement of an adjective in Spanish will create figurative or literal meanings.


Speaking for Institutions + Public Sector

Speaking: Sharing the Wisdom

My talks show you what Cognitive Linguistics can do for you, and how it can inform and enhance your professional development and that of your teams. In English or Spanish.


You’re already speaking; make it count.

Hola, hi. I’m Reyes, an expert in Applied Cognitive Linguistics at Columbia University specializing in the Spanish and English languages. What does this mean? I help craft messages that inspire and shift behavior for thought leading institutions and the public sector. Contact me to learn more about working together.